6 Steps to Building an Affordable Website for Your Event


6 Steps to Building an Affordable Website for Your Event

If you have an important event coming up you may be looking to create a website for it. A good event website does the job of convincing potential attendees that this is the event they should attend. People are aided in the decision-making process so effortlessly that not much else is needed for promoting your event. How can you build such a website? And how can you make it affordable?

Here are five steps to building an affordable event website that will keep people on your page and help assure
their attendance.


A good website will help make you look professional, which in turn makes your event look professional. Once this is accomplished, visitors will trust your branding and consider spending their money on your event. The mere fact that you even made an event website will tell people that you’re actually a serious brand. If your event does not have a website then you may come across as amateur and untrustworthy.

The Kind of Website You Need

Not any site will make you look good. For someone to form a positive opinion about your website you need to make a good impression and also grab their attention. The best kind of event websites are simple and straightforward but they are also well-designed. A skilled designer can help you create an eye catching custom website that displays your brand. But the cost of that will be a little steep. In an attempt to avoid paying a designer a lot of money for a good website, there’s a standard flow to design and conception that you can adopt yourself.

Website Builders

Website builders are gaining popularity because of how effective they are. These are intentionally developed to help inexperienced business owners amplify their website creation process. Due to this they have been very cost effective because of the different packages offered to fit everyone’s personal budget. An approximate plan given is as follows:

1. Selecting a platform.

2. Exploring pricing and packages

3. Signing up

4. Browsing templates to choose themes

5. Adjusting SEO settings

6. Publishing your website

An example of a good website builder is Wix.com. This is an international cloud platform that creates and develops many projects online. Additional elements can be used to alter appearance or functionality of your website such as video, music, galleries and social networks.

Be Mobile Friendly

The chances are that more than 50% of people visiting your website are on their mobile devices. That is why you should opt for a mobile-friendly design. Google will rank your mobile-friendly site better due to its ease of use and better user experience. Make sure you use responsive web design it is preferred by google and is the best solution for a mobile friendly website.

Use Exciting Images

Now that people are coming to your event page they will undoubtedly want to know if your brand is legitimate. They will go to YouTube and Google Images to see what the event actually is about and what it looks like.  Using exciting images to give people visual proof is part of having a good online presence.

Plugins Are Your Friends

Plugins are a fantastic tool you can find on WordPress. They help you by adding extra functions to your website to integrate the content with external services. You can add YouTube videos, make a mobile version of your site and even create and monitor a comment section, like Facebook did when it first started.